Nutrition & Fitness Lifestyle Program

Nutrition & Fitness Lifestyle Program
  • Nutritionist Meal Plan & Coaching
  • Fitness Program ( Home or Gym ) & Coaching
  • Nutritionist online Video Consultation*
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Fit2Fly App + MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Myzone

What's included in the coaching plans?

  • As your coach we will be together with my Team your system of accountability throughout your entire journey whether that is weight-loss, muscle gain, strength building, or simply be and look healthier. We will communicate via chat/email/video calls.
  • You can expect an initial plan based on a very deep review of your questionnaire with your health, athletic, diet history and in some cases health issues. We always encourage you to check with your Doctor and discuss with him or her your suitability to this program before you start.
  • Regular check-ins with our feedback and commentary about your progresses and next steps
  • Adjustments to your plans as needed based on your progresses.
  • We will answers to all of your questions.
  • Your program is fully customized only and exclusively around you! And it will be Roster Friendly!

What's included in Nutrition Coaching?

  • A completely personalized and sustainable Meal Plan with meal times designed to meet the needs of Your work and training schedule, and most important Roster Friendly.
  • A meal plan completely tailored to YOUR physique and specific goals.
  • Meals featuring what YOU LIKE TO EAT as well as what you can eat based on allergies, intollerances and health issues such as Diabetes, Hypertantion etc.
  • Adjustments to the meal plan based on how you are progressing, how your schedule changes or what foods you have access to or what you like or don't like + the support of our Nutritionist and myself helping you out to get the things always done correctly and stress free.
  • Built-in flexibility and sustainability! the diet plan you do is the diet plan that get you the physique you want life!
  • *Nutritionist personalized online Video Consultation is available on request for an extra fee based on time. 30 min or 60 min. Available only for members.

What's included in Training Coaching?

  • A completely personalized and sustainable training plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle, goals, and experience level
  • Exercises selected for you based on your history, injury history, physique weaknesses, equipment availability, and, most importantly, what YOU LIKE TO DO.
  • Adjustments to the training plan based on how you are progressing, how your schedule changes, etc.
  • Feedback on technique and continous support during your training sessions when requested
  • Instructions for advanced training techniques based on experience level
  • Built-in flexibility so that you don't get bored and can change it up over time.

What's included in Supplements Coaching?

  • A completely personalized supplements plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle and goals, regardless of whether or not you currently take supplements
  • Plan takes into account your supplements history as well as health status and goals
  • Plan takes into account your supplements access
  • Adjustments to the plan based on your progress and goals

**From €156.00 / monthly or 15% OFF for 3 months prepaid plan!**

Book your FREE Consultation Now!

Book your Free Consultation to discuss with us your specific needs and we will provide you with the subscription link to your membership! In alternative send us a request from the CONTACT form and we will get back to you!

Fit2Fly Programs FAQ

Absolutely yes, this program is for any fitness level either you are a beginner up to athlete.

Absolutely yes, this program is for any fitness level either you are a beginner up to athlete.

This will depend on your progresses through the program. We will monitor them closely and adjust it accordingly leaving you stress free!

24/7 Support, and weekly check-ins to make sure everything is alright and going the way we expect! You will be able to contact us for any question or request and we will try to cope with your request in real time or at the maximum within 24hrs.

Yes, our platform is designed to give you all you need in terms of Training, follow ups, communication and interaction! It's a real online gym where we are there with you all the way around!

Yes, before purchasing your membership with us you can book a FREE 30 minutes Video consultation. In alternative you can drop us a request via the CONTACT form on our website. If you wish to buy our service we will send you the ad hoc subscription link to our membership!

Although our training or nutrition plan is always based on your existing medical conditions, We advise you to receive always a medical clearance from your doctor before you engage in any training or lifestyle program.

you can check our Nutrition Program which doesn't include the Fitness training part.

Yes! FIT2FLY and it suits all your possible devices either you have Android or IOS. Can be downloaded from our website under the LOG IN section. For free for all our members our app takes your coaching platform in your pocket wherever you are! Are you in gym? use it for your exercises! use it wherever you like to track your program tasks, to connect with us, to find useful tools and information! It is literally a personal coach in your pocket 24/7.

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