Pilots & Cabin Crews

How many times you’ve told yourself: ”I can’t do it, my job doesn’t allow me to live healthy!”, ”Those working patterns are killing me, I feel 10 years older!”, or even ”I’m too old to change my habits now, it’s too late!”
Having worked for many years with both pilots and airline crews, I am fully aware of the usual challenges they face regarding nutrition and fitness, as they keep jumping from hotel to hotel, navigating through different time zones. This leads in many cases to fatigue, lack of sleep and normal eating routines, as well as little fitness activity. We all know that feeling of falling into the temptation of the easy way and think that from tomorrow everything will change.

In the long-tem, such scenario can cause diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, impaired vision and even more serious health issues. And as medical check-ups become stricter in key parameters like blood pressure, and sugar and cholesterol levels, it’s time to act and invest in your health to avoid future health issue that can affect your capability to continue working in the profession you truly love.
have the answer to all this and the right solution for you! Based on many years of studies and experience around fitness and nutrition, I want now to share the tools and secret weapons to change your life. Do it NOW, TODAY and FOREVER. For the first time ever, you have the possibility to join a Community created by one of yours!

Once you jump into Fit2Fly’s plane, I’ll teach you everything I know about how to take care of your nutritional habits while being home or travelling; which options better suit your lifestyle and what types of fitness exercises you should do to get the best results! You’ll benefit of my strategic fully customized plans to either lose weight or belly fat, put on some muscles, or simply live healthier than before. Having a personal trainer who knows your lifestyle like his pockets is now possible, affordable and reliable! And its CRAZY COOL!!!

Thanks to the Airline Crew Meal & Fitness program, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself in every situation; while flying, transiting from one airport to another; during a layover; or simply in your hotel room. And during all this, I will be there with you, to keeping adjust your program, to support you and to answer to all your questions while watching your becoming your dream you! I will help you save money and time, maximize your results within a reasonable time, and above all offer you all the support you need around the clock! I am your coach and also your friend, and I’ll be with you all the way through this self-transforming journey!

Get fit to fly now!

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