Aviation Professionals & Training Organizations

BeFit2Fly is a UK Health & Wellness Company inspired by the vision of its founder, Andrea Biundo, a professional Long Haul Pilot and a Nutrition & Fitness Coach. We offer personalized Wellness coaching programs for some of the most globalized working groups, the Aviation Professionals.

We believe that the introduction of a Wellness Program for aviation businesses such as Flight School and ATO organizations, Airlines and Airport Handling is one of the most valuable benefits both Employers and Employees could get in order to enhance not only their general well-being and performances at work, but also to learn useful informations about Well-Being they can use life time for their Physical and Mental health, especially while working in a demanding environment like the aviation field.

Lifestyle is the magic word when it comes to Wellness. It is also very often an excuse to procrastinate our own health adjustments. That is why at BeFit2Fly we adapt the Nutrition & Fitness coaching program to the Employees busy schedules and provide full support around the clock following up and educating them on how to best fit their food and fitness training in their working schedule and offering personal training with continous accountability.

We believe that Aviation Businesses should strongly consider the option to invest on their employees lifestyle weaknesses. We will transform those into strenghts for both.

We also offer the possibility to organize seminars or educational classes for employees, Student Pilots, Airport Ground Handling, Airline Recurrent trainings as part of their CRM training as Well-Being Culture within the Aviation Safety.

If you are an Airline, an Aviation Corporate or a Business Corporate and you wish to benefit of our custom Wellness services for your Employees, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss with youthe best possible option which suits your organization lifestyle

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