Sandija Splita

Certified Nutritionist - Specialist

Health, fitness, well being and good nutrition is my passion and it has been my passion for years.
I have studied in Latvia, Rigas Stradins University, and graduated with a Nutritionist degree.
I have been a fitness coach for couple of years meanwhile studies. Mostly training women not to be afraid of weight lifting to achieve their dream body shapes and tone.
As a Nutritinoist I have been working in AntiAging institute Latvia for couple of years practicing Individual Nutrition consultations with local and international languages.
I am good with what I do, and I am confident of finding a right solution for every situation. My strong side with clients always have been healthy weight loss & maintenance in long term. Also healthy muscle mass gain, fat mass loss in both - professional sports and fitness enthusiasts.

I am experienced working with conditions related to unhealthy diet and other conditions , such as - high blood pressure, insulin resistance, Diabetes, chronic constipation, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol levels, lactose intolerance, food allergies, celiac disease and many others.
I look at each client individually, keeping in mind that one certain thing doesn't work for each body. I take into consideration a lot of factors, such as work environment, night shifts, physical activities during the day, food options available, food that the client prefer and don't like, and so on.

That's why I embraced the FIT2FLY Style joining the Team! I believe that this type of approach is unique and amazing at the same time, and I found myself to be a great fit for this mission within the Aviation Community!

I guarantee that we will change your life if you can trust us to lead the process. It won't be starvation, it won't be a diet, it will be a life changing experience to achieve your absolute best version!
Don't forget - 80% from the results come from your nutrition and only 20% from your physical activities!

Get fit to fly now!

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