Ilze Malkevica

Commercial & Brand Development / CEO Assistant

I am a Public Health and Epidemiology Specialist (Riga Stradins University). Main interest is in preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle choices as a basics to wellbeing of an individual as well as health being a multidimensional meaning with individual being in harmony of its mental, physical and social health.

Fitness takes general part in my life by being a Athlete in Fitness Bikini category. For me it is a lifestyle as my wellness is the main objective for daily life and I take it to the very next level by tackling boundaries and exploring the possibilities of human body both physically and mentally.

I was inspired to be a part of BeFit2Fly to inspire people having healthy choices, therefore having an impact on well-being and quality of life for the ones who conquer the skies or live the backstage of it!

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