Andrea Biundo

CEO & Founder / Aviation Nutrition & Fitness Trainer

I am Andrea, 32, I was born in Italy and this is my story! I started flying almost a decade ago as a Airline Pilot on the B737 where I flew for a few flags around the world on short and medium haul before transitioning into Long Haul on the B787 which I am currently flying.
Beside Aviation, one of my biggest passions in life has always been Fitness and Wellness in general, passion I grew and developed through the years becoming then a Fitness & Nutrition Coach and lately a dedicated Fitness Athlete competing worldwide for the IFBB Men's Physique category.

During this Pandemic I realized how important is, especially during those difficult moments, to serve others by sharing our side-passions and experiences to help the Aviation Community to keep the best health standards for a safe return to the skies and to enahnce and improve the quality of life of all currently active aviation professionals around the globe. This motivated me to give the birth to BeFit2Fly and to become a Fitness Entrepreneur with speciality in Aviation.

As professional pilot, I’ve learnt through the years how to transform challenges into advantages by simply focusing on conditions rather than the problem itself. This mentality motivated me many years back to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The intensity, working patterns and lifestyle of my profession were unsustainable. Back then fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food options were my daily companions on a daily bases.

That is why I decided to make a change in my life; I learnt how to deal with the conditions around rather then try to change the problem itself. Do to my professional activity I had almost no time to stick to strict and super detailed diet plans, or even extremely technical exercises while jumping continuously from one hotel to another while changing time zones.

I truly believe, more than ever, that living a healthy lifestyle is the Key to any person’s success!

Research proved that about 80% of our well-being comes from correct nutrition, whereas the remaining 20% comes from fitness!

Applying this formula has had a massive impact on my life and that of my clients, who have seen a turn around on their personal and professional performances, enhancing them to previously unthinkable limits!

In other words, I focused on motivation and self-discipline combined with the deep knowledge accumulated on Food & Nutrition, and body composition. Then I add a bit of my vast experience working with other people and I apply all to our unique lifestyle.

This is what I want to share with you TODAY as Coach. Being confident of my strong passion for fitness and nutrition, I am here to help you change the conditions around your problem and reach new limits.

Get fit to fly now!

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